Darren Schreuder – Interview


Having played football for a total of 21 seasons, 6 of which were with South Adelaide Panthers, Senior Football Manager, Darren Schreuder, tells that it would be impossible to not stay connected with the club once he hung up his goal keeping boots.

“I love Panthers as a club,” he said.

“I was Assistant Coach to the Under 18’s first and then transitioned to football management due to work commitments. For me it keeps me involved with the game and gives me that connection.

“After playing for so long, you have got to have some level of involvement, beyond being a spectator with no input. I feel like I have something to give back to the club and I find it enjoyable, I feel like I make somewhat of a difference.”

Darren works primarily with the Senior team, however has some involvement with the Under 18’s and Reserves who he acknowledges are vital for the future.

“I spend the majority of my time with the Senior team – you have to keep them happy!” he jokes.

“I do have some involvement with our 18’s and Ressies, they are our feeder team to the Seniors after all. It is easier to breed them than to buy them and that is what we are all about at South, preparing our players for Senior football.”

As for what the Manager (who you will see every week, at every game) aims for personally at South?

“I want to make the club a better place for the kids there, our players, our community, for the future!”

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